Golf Instructions to Get Your Game Off on the Right Foot

Golf InstructionsWhen new golf players look for golf instructions they usually tend to focus on drills, body mechanics, and the right way to use their equipment. However, it is also important to learn about golf strategy. Understanding the fundamentals of good golf strategy can help you shave strokes from your game in the same way that good technique can.

It is not always the best idea to tee off from the center of the tee box. Most of us don’t have a perfectly straight drive. The vast majority of individuals tend to drive the golf ball either from right to left or vice versa. Depending on which way your ball curves through the air, you should tee off from either the right or left side of the tee box.

Teeing off from as close to the marker as you can will allow you to aim your shot according to the typical curving path that your golf ball takes. For example, if your ball curves to the left mid flight, you should tee off as close to the left marker as you can manage. This tee off position will allow you to comfortably aim for a target to the right of where you would like the golf ball to come to rest. The natural flight path of your golf balls will no longer be a troubled issue for you. Visit our website for more strategy tips and Golf Instructions to improve your technique.

Golf Instructions: Three Steps for Setting Up Your Chip Shots

A lot of golf instructions focus on chip shots. Your ability to produce quality chip shots will either make or break your golf game. Setting up to make your chip shots does not have to be a complicated process. One of the main things to remember when preparing to take a shot like this is to keep the ball back in your stance. The best way to do this is to follow these three steps:
● Set up with your back foot square to the golf ball.
● Pivot the toes of both feet toward the target while keeping the heels planted in the ground.
● Make sure that the head and body are slightly behind the golf ball.

Following these steps will ensure that your body is perfectly aligned to make a clean chip shot.

Golf Instructions: How to Position the Body for a Putt

Golf InstructionsIt is very important to receive golf instructions in every area of the game of golf, including putting. One of the hallmarks of a successful putter is how they position their body as they take their shot. The feet should be relatively square to the ball with the eyes looking directly down onto it. You must stand at a distance that will allow the arms to hang down naturally from the shoulders at address. Reproducing this stance as you play golf will go a long way toward making you a successful putter. Please visit our website today for more Golf Instructions.